Our Purpose

We help to sustainably monetize our customers' logistic and operational value chain. Based on an integrated model of data science, technological development and implementation of agile, impact-generating solutions.

We develop projects to maximize our clients' profitability by implementing operational efficiency and supply chain optimization initiatives.


Rigorous and exhaustive formal work that allows identifying high-impact opportunities, generating agile designs and accompanying the implementation to ensure the generation of results.


Field work, collaborative and co-creation with the organization to facilitate the change process and its sustainability.


High impact on operational optimization processes, planning, production, maintenance, supply chain in a comprehensive manner in multiple industries, both in manufacturing companies and service providers.

DUX Partners Team

The whole is the sum of its parts.
- Aristotle -

We help our customers deliver on their promises

We generate measurable and sustainable impacts over time.

We are passionate about knowledge and the pursuit of opportunities.