Case Study: Retail Company in Peru

The e-commerce area grew more than projected by this important company in the retail sector in Peru. Dux Partners achieved major improvements in its operational capacity.

Case Study: Ground Handling Services

Dux partners achieved a large reduction in maintenance costs, improved fleet availability and increased return on investment for a company that offers ground handling services.

Case Study: industrial holding company in the construction area

The standardization of practices and inventory replenishment policies were part of the challenges that Dux Partners optimized for this industrial holding that specializes in the manufacture of materials and solutions for the construction industry.

Case Study: Transportation Company

Dux partners achieved an increase in the return on investment in this transportation company and significant improvements in integrated planning.

Case Study: Mining Explosives Company

Dux partners achieved a significant improvement in asset productivity and return on investment for a mining explosives company.

Case Study: Chilean forestry company

For this forestry company, Dux Partners achieved cost reductions, a significant increase in investment, among others.